The eu project innovation center (hereinafter referred to as: EUPIC) is in 2006 the European commission funding the Asia invest programme set up in China of the sustainable development of non-governmental organization. It won the European commission, China's science and technology the torch center, sichuan province government, chengdu city government and the support of chengdu high-tech zone, is the European Union in China's only project innovation center; Is the west of the country, especially in sichuan province, and the European Union on trade, investment and technology cooperation comprehensive business cooperation platform and technology innovation and the transfer of the platform.

The eu project innovation center located in chengdu high-tech zone, equipped with complete facilities office, meetings, business and other places and specialized service organization. At present, has been from Britain, Germany, and France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, the Czech republic, Slovakia and Greece, the 27 eu member countries of the European Union 56 institutions established cooperation partners. Some government economic institutions and chamber of commerce and industry has set up the office in my center. The eu project innovation center, with foreign organizations of the resources, the implementation of the government's "bringing in" and "going out" development strategy, and promote the especially in sichuan and between eu member states enterprise, science and technology park, industry cluster, the government economic organization technology innovation and transfer.

Four years, I center has successfully introduced into Europe enterprise and settled in chengdu home; Receive the eu delegation, organization and important officials visit 3000 people; Central enterprise project docking activities held 103 games; Successfully held China-the European Union partenariat; Success in the Asian aid project and the change of the seventh framework project (FP7); Established the European Union project technology transfer center, the eu, many language processing center, China-the European Union intellectual property rights demonstration site, China-the new energy technology innovation center.

In 2010, the center is the ministry of science and technology the torch gave nameboards center "China innovation post" primary site in sichuan province, and became one of the first torch international strategic alliance member unit; one And by the ministry of commerce and gave nameboards bureau for "world innovation and investment promotion platform" chengdu base.