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[Request] High visibility technology sought. Increasing vehicle visibility at night time.
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Industrial Design     Country:Poland
Updated:30-03-2012     Overdue:25-12-2014     Clicks:625

SME from Poland seeks technology for polishing method giving a temporary glow in the dark (luminescent) effect to cars surface. This luminescent effect ought to be visible only after dark. Such "glowing in the dark paste" would increase vehicles visibility e.g. at the side of the road when its side lights are switched off - preventing collisions with oncoming vehicles. The paste should be compatible with all major car manufacturers car-paint (painted panels, not raw porous plastics). Its temporary glowing effect would have to be replenished with another application of paste (after about a month from the initial application).

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
Technical specifications of technology should be in full accordance with EU directives regarding the traffic rules and regulations. Due to rather conceptual nature of this TR - it is critical to highlight the requirements: paste or putty neither paint, nor sticker) with luminescent nature, boosting the visibility of the vehicle during the night time.
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