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[Request] A 3D simulation training platform to oral implantology
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Medical Devices     Country:France
Updated:04-01-2012     Overdue:30-09-2014     Clicks:302

A French company has developed a simulation training platform to oral implantology. Thanks to haptic performances and cases database, this serious game offers to simulate all types of anatomical and clinical cases in real conditions. The French company is looking for hospitals, Universities or training centers interested in acquiring or adapting this platform.

The platform is composed of:
- a visualisation system with head Mounted Display glasses allowing the practitioner to see the scene in stereoscopy and so recreate similar environment of its own dental cabinet.
- An anatomical structures representation for a better immersion of practitioner
- A force feedback arm, reproducing precise forces and torques coming from jaw
- A dummy jaw
- A tactile screen

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