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[Offer] Romanian leading company in business software development seeks distribution partners for its Sales
ID:BORO20161106002 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:Romania
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A business software development company with offices in Romania, is looking to internationalise its developed Sales Force Automation (SFA) product. The company seeks IT companies interested in distributing the SFA solution in their countries/ regions and offering first level of support in their local language. Sales force automation and merchandising solution increases the efficiency of field agents and allows them to gather data in the field using questionnaires and orders.

Romanian company specialized in software development and IT services is looking for partners / distributors for its dedicated mobile application for Sales Force Automation and Merchandising. It has 20 years of experience in software development and 100 employees; its integrated IT services assures a strong position on the market. The company has expertise in: -sales force automation and merchandising software services -complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for import / trade, commerce, distribution, production and services business management system -management, inventory, payroll, invoicing, accounting for SMEs of any kind of program -Business Intelligence tools (BI) from the range “dashboard & analyzer”, developed on the QlikView platform -mobile application for the control of the warehouse activity that uses specialized terminals and barcodes -optimizing trade-marketing promotions and customer channel management – a strategic planning tool used by sales and trade-marketing departments of a FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) producer, offering support in planning and monitoring the execution of business plans on the relationship with retail chains -web aplications and software development outsourcing Its suite of mobile applications and a number of key projects developed by the company in the area of Business Intelligence are used today in over 34 countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Czech Republic, Bosnia & Hertegovina, Slovakia, Nigeria, Egipt, Liban, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Danemark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and Rwanda. The company is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) supplier that significantly covers the main needs of trade, import and distribution businesses with a suite of own developed professional applications. Besides ERP and SFA they develop and implement Business Intelligence projects. With 20 years experience in the industry and an ISO 9001 quality certificate, the company provides business solutions in the following fields: ?Consumer Goods / FMCG: import, trade, distribution, trade-marketing ?Pharma, devices and medical accessories: distribution, trade-marketing ?Meat, dairy, bakery ?Auto Parts and Accessories ?Construction materials, electrical and plumbing ?Industrial equipment, tools and professional equipment ?IT, telecommunications, office supplies, stationery Their solutions offer sales mobility and automation (presales, van sales), merchandising and collecting market data, by using the latest tablets and smartphones. The sales solutions offer the following benefits: - increased productivity and planning and a more efficient organisation of the sales team; - improved planning and control both in the sales department and for each sales representative/ agent - automation of the activity carried out by agents in the field and exempting the agents from most administrative tasks (applying discounts, activity reports, invoices, receipts etc.); -extensive support for the implementation of joint promotions and sales (e.g. liquidation of stocks close to expiry, special offers); -shortening the time required to issue and validate the orders taken by agents on site -improved control on collecting money on the market (by enabling blocked new orders from late customers); The company has competences in the following technologies: -operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server 7.8.10, Azure, Android, -software Development: Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET, C #, Visual Basic, HTML5, Javascript / CSS, PHP, Delphi, Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, SQLLite, MySQL, -BI Business Intelligence: Microsoft BI & SharePoint, QlikView. The company seeks partners that are interested in distributing the sales force automation application to enterprises in their country/region. They are willing to cooperate under distribution services agreement with other ICT companies or departments and assist them to implement the solution according to their needs.