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[Request] Better or cheaper filter coffee jug insulation
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Industrial Manufacture     Country:United Kingdom
Updated:02-02-2012     Overdue:29-10-2014     Clicks:406

A UK company manufactures coffee makers and thermal jugs for these. The existing ones come in plastic and glass, which is fragile, or double wall steel, that can be costly. Proposals are sought to improve the thermal storage of the jug whilst not increasing the cost of materials. There needs to be evidence or data on the improved performance or cost structure. Type of collaboration may vary and will depend on stage of development. The UK Company has resources for extensive market launch.

Potential solutions should:" Enable safe use by the consumer" Be a bulk-storage solution (e.g. a jug)" Use cost effective materials or provide improved performance allowing material reduction" Provide proven functionality and claimable differentiation" Have protected or protect-able.

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