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[Request] Omnidirectional Wind Energy Generator
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Renewables     Country:PORTUGAL
Updated:05-01-2012     Overdue:01-10-2014     Clicks:1124

A Portuguese SME has developed an innovative technology that direct wind from all directions to a central inert turbine to produce energy. This is a low cost omnidirectional device that can be easily installed in open ground or in the roofs of common houses. The company is seeking partners for industrial production of the device and funding for further development.

The developed device is a motionless inert structure, dome-shaped with lateral openings having a large area of exposure to wind, receiving it equally well from all directions (omnidirectional).

The system works by combining 2 streams and the side vents promote a "Venturi effect" which speeds up the flow towards a smaller high efficiency turbine that operates with a higher RPM (revolutions per minute).

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