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[Request] Compressor, obfuscator and protector of Javascript code
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Software     Country:PORTUGAL
Updated:31-12-2011     Overdue:26-09-2014     Clicks:309

A Portuguese SME, specialized in Web security, has developed an innovative technology for automatically compressing, hiding and protecting Javascript coding. This technology is especially valuable to stop the theft of JavaScript and therefore protecting your websites from copying. It also compresses the code allowing for a faster page loading. The company is seeking partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

The developed technology doesn't finish with the websites vulnerabilities but makes the Javascript part incomprehensible for potential intruders. Similar technologies basically remove comments, delete spaces or change variables while this technology obfuscates completely the code by converting it into a sequence of characters, numbers and symbols with no apparent connection. 

It has also incorporated features to prevent copy, domain lock so that the code can only be activated in certain predefined domains and an expiration date facility so that the code can't be used anymore after a certain time/date.

Besides the obfuscation process, the technology can also be used to compress, up to 1/3 of the code and, therefore, speeding up considerably website navigation.

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