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[Request] The device for non-contact fatigue measurements of construction materials
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Measurement, Testing & Standards      Country:Poland
Updated:17-01-2012     Overdue:13-10-2014     Clicks:1268

Research unit from North-East Poland developed a method and device for non-contact fatigue measurements of construction materials. The developed method can be used for magnetic and non-magnetic materials, for bending and screwing process of the sample. The main advantage of the invention is non-contact influence with a bending and screwing force on a sample. The research unit is interested in a technical cooperation.

Innovative Aspects:
The advantages of the invention:" non-contact influence by the bending and stress farce (after use of a proper adapter), for durability measurement," no restrictions referring to the cycles frequency," possibility of giving different amplitude level of displacement of measured sample," usage in magnetic and non-magnetic materials (by adapter usage)," possibility of work in different time cycles (synchronized, random variable)," possibility of displacement registration of measured sample," possibility of temperature changes registration, in any place of the sample," no restrictions referring to the sample dimensions," fully automated measurement process and data registration," maintenance-free measurement process.

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