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[Request] Innovative car-locking device
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Security     Country:Bulgaria
Updated:23-12-2011     Overdue:18-09-2014     Clicks:343

A Bulgarian researcher has developed a car-locking device, designed to lock the doors and the steering wheel mechanism of vehicles. It is also applicable for home doors, offices, bank safes, etc. It guarantees security and makes it impossible to enter the vehicle and drive it. The researcher has a patent granted, has a complete production line concept and is looking for investors to start the product manufacturing. License agreement is also offered.


The advantage of the device is that it is practically impossible to bore a hole into the lock cylinder with a drill because in a locked position it rotates freely and will rotate together with the drill. It is also impossible to break it with another flat or profiled object put into the central lock. Another advantage is that even if the lock cylinder is broken or deformed it is impossible to take it out of the movable working housing due to its specific construction.

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