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[Request] Producers of hardwood firewood are requested by a Cypriot company.
ID:BRCY20170413001 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:Cyprus
Updated:31-05-2017     Overdue:24-05-2018     Clicks:177

A Cypriot distribution company is looking for producers of hardwood firewood from Europe and beyond in order to sell their products in Cyprus.

The Cypriot company, which was established in 1966, started its business activities by importing, wholesaling and distributing Greek books, Christmas decorations, stationary, greeting cards, and art material to bookshops. The company is also operating in the retail market by operating its own bookshop. Progressively, the company expanded its activities into other sectors and since 2012 the company became an importer and distributor of firewood (hardwoods) used in fireplaces, due to the high levels of demand. It has its own warehouse which is complied with the appropriate conditions for keeping the firewood. Company’s clients are supermarkets and convenience stores. It also sells firewood directly to consumers. The Cypriot company is looking for new suppliers/producers of hardwood firewood (oak, hornbeam, ash, beech, alder) mainly from Mediterranean and Balkan countries in order to import and sell their products with a profit margin in its local market.

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