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[Offer] Novel Telemetry solution for vending machines. (11 LT 57AB 3NB4)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Communications & Networking     Country:Lithuania
Updated:14-12-2011     Overdue:09-09-2014     Clicks:388

A Lithuanian SME created a novel technology for remote monitoring of vending machines. It offers owners of vendors real-time information about sales and stocks inside the vending machines. The Lithuanian company is looking for partners who want to implement the technology. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and license are offered.


Country: Lithuania Type: OFFER Date: 06.12.2011

Innovative Aspects:
- real time auditing of sales;
- always acesible data of stocks in the vending machine;
- fast ravage and system fault alarms;
- pay by phone solutions for clients.

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