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[Request] Double distributor for extrusion-blowing plastic films
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Industrial Design     Country:Romania
Updated:23-12-2011     Overdue:18-09-2014     Clicks:303

A Romanian inventor has developed a double distributor for extrusion-blowing plastic films with small diameter. The problem solved by the technology comes from the fact that the double distributor allows to introduce the molten material in two extrusion heads obtaining small films; pulling and winding is made independently for each of the two extruded films. The developer is looking for technical co-operation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The technology relates to a double distributor for extrusion-blowing plastic films with small diameters. The invention allows obtaining small extruded films because to power two extrusion heads with melt polymer, a distributor with two circular channels is used, competing in the entrance area of the spiral, which provides the flow and distribution of the molten material at the two ends of the extrusion.

Innovative Aspects:
The advantages of the technology are:
- it increases the productivity of machinery for extrusion of small plastic films;
- it reduces energy consumption.

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