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[Request] Production of a specific wire profile
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Industrial Manufacture     Country:BELGIUM
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The Flemish SME is a young, dynamical company (a developer company) that is active in the made-to-measure moulds, dies, tools, gauges and automaton.

To improve the cost efficiency of a product, the Flemish company is looking for a partner to produce a steel wire profile dimensioned according to the drawing (see

The general tolerances on all dimensions must be +/-0.025mm. Note that the most critical tolerance on the width is +/- 0.01mm. The length of this profile should be minimally 8 km's which corresponds to about 100kg of profile. The resulting mechanical properties specify a tensile strength of about 600 MPa (N/mm²) for which we need 0.8% carbon in our steel with addition of other ingredients, being 0.5%Mn, 0.25%Si, 0.15 V and 0.6% W.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
This profile could possibly be rolled but alternatively it could also be shaped with progressive stamping tools. The question is in what quantities it can be produced in correspondence to what price? 
If feasibility is approved and quality assured, multiple tons of this profile would be processed and slightly different geometrical dimensions would be ordered!

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