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[Request] Camera monitoring system for optimization of production
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Information Processing & Systems      Country:Slovakia
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Slovak IT Company developed unique system of cameras and monitoring devices that evaluate operation of production lines. The core business of the company is info-communication technologies that were integrated into one system monitoring the 24-hour production process, evaluating the productivity of work and providing online direct feedback to management that is able to react immediately on the spot. This technical solution eliminates downtimes, drop-outs, safety and ineffective work in production. The unique feature of this system is that management controls production process (quality as well as quantity checks) online by internet or from recording device from any production department, which significantly reduces time and travel costs of managing staff. The system is applicable in every type of industrial production. It monitors every step of the production process by special monitoring devices that enable to check the partial parts of the process and evaluate them separately.

Innovative Aspects:
The system has already been implemented into the production process. The result was that during one year productivity of work raised by 10%, which was reflected in new performance standards and increase of salaries.  

The advantages of the offer are:

-  24-hour check of production process,

-  Control of production lines breakdown rate,

-  Control of distribution of production time,

-   Monitoring of entry-exit time of production process.

Implementation of the system resulted in keeping technology procedures, regulations on safety of work, simplification of processing of production statistics, elimination of downtimes and ineffective work.

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