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[Offer] Data and knowledge organization. (12 IT 55X5 3OBA)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Information Processing & Systems      Country:Italy
Updated:20-03-2012     Overdue:15-12-2014     Clicks:329

An Italian SMEs has developed Data & Knowledge Organization, a technical counselling service offered by professional expert in technologies and methodologies for the formalization and representation of knowledge. The service is addressed to each organization willing to increase the value and exploitability of its information assets (data, know how, etc.) thanks to the enrichment with additional metadata. Technical cooperation and consultancy is offered.

Innovative Aspects:
Conventional IT instruments deal with information in a poor and non instructive manner so that implicit knowledge stay hidden to applications and cannot be effectively used to show an overall intelligent behaviour.

The Data & Knowledge Organization service causes the data model to be reorganized and enriched with implicit knowledge about data. Once data are defined as (logical) types of data, implicit knowledge gets explicited in the form of valued attributes of the data types and asserted relationships among data types. This way software application can access and exploit not only data, but also this previously hidden knowledge about data. The most significant advantage is the ability to design software applications by far more meaningful to users.

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