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[Offer] Polish IT company with expertise in developing dedicated software solutions and outsourcing Scrum te
ID:BOPL20170502004 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:Poland
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A Polish IT company, specialising in bespoke software solutions in Java would like to establish international, long-term business cooperation with companies from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand or the European Union in need of dedicated and customised software solutions. The company not only provides expert software development services but also offers IT body-leasing services.The preferred type of cooperation is either services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

The Polish company, established in 2015 and located in the science and technology park, specialises in the following domains: - designing customised software that fulfils all the client’s requirements by means of thorough analysis of needs and preparation of dedicated solutions, - designing and implementation of web applications, - providing specialised IT consulting services, - outsourcing highly experienced developers and scrum teams (so called IT body-leasing). The technologies and frameworks used (among others): JavaSE, JavaEE, JavaFX, Spring, JPA, JMS (ActiveMQ), Hibernate, JSP, JSF, Javascript, JQuery Freemarker, Thymeleaf, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Javascript, JQuery, Vaadin, Angular, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Android, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito, JMeter, Maven. Version control systems used on a daily basis are SVN and Git. Project are dealt with using the following: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Nexus, Sonar and Bamboo, IntelliJ IDEA, Linux. The company is well-equipped with network infrastructure and hardware resources (servers, PCs and laptops in Linux/Windows configurations). Some of the projects already finished or currently in-motion include: - tethered drone platform used for observation and surveillance purposes (the platform has a system of toxic gases detection and cloud-based application to analysed the flight logs), - documentation and workload flow system implemented in one of the Ministries of the Republic of Poland, - helpdesk system. The company is interested in a business relationship with entities within the European Union or from Australia, Canada, the United States of America or New Zealand, based upon one of the following agreements: Services agreement The company would like to establish cooperation with a software house, web agency or IT/ICT company that would like to improve the IT systems used at their premises. The Polish company is willing to provide its services, including an external support and IT consulting services. Outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreement The company would like to establish cooperation with an IT company (software house, web agency etc.) that is in need of a reliable outsourcer/subcontractor that could provide expert services in software development. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be an agreement according to which the foreign company outsources part of their workload related to the app development to the Polish company. As already mentioned, body-leasing / outsourcing of IT specialists is also possible.

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