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[Request] New software to improve the efficiency of industrial process by video analysis
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Software     Country:France
Updated:17-02-2012     Overdue:13-11-2014     Clicks:499

A French SME has developed with industrial customers an innovative software to optimize industrial process. Thanks to a video recording and analyzing software, industry can improve their way of production, for example production times, maintenance, safety task... This approach has been already implemented successfully in more than 15 countries after 18 months. Industrial partners for joint venture in order to increase R&D and commercial activities are sought.

The new video software developed has to be implemented in relation with all stages of the Lean methodology. It leads to breakdown, synchronize, optimize, and standardize different activities.

It efficiently allows to: "Capture and visually translate the current process on the field" Involve the whole staff and:

Build scenarios and define the target process 
Develop standards and best practices
Validate the target scenario on the field 
Create modular training materials based on the video (Production, Maintenance, Safety...)

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