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[Offer] Innovative boxing bag accessory.
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An Irish designer has developed and patented a retrofit device that attaches to any boxing bag effectively turning the bag into a sparring partner that punches back in a genuinely life-like fashion. The developer seeks to license the product to a manufacturing company with a route to market for sporting products, particularly those with training methods involving punch bags. However, the developer is also open to licensing to a manufacturing company with a route to market for children’s toys.

There have been numerous attempts in the history of combat sports to create devices that mimic the attacks of an opponent in a life-like fashion. It is arguable that none have achieved it so well or so simply as the product on offer here. This Irish developer has produced an innovative retrofit product that is capable of incredibly complicated behavior, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of boxers and martial artists at any level, it never gets tired and it never gives up. Given the design of the product, it produces highly dynamic and unpredictable striking action nature and thus provides an environment much closer to sparring with an actual opponent than merely striking a bag. The product concept was developed over a number of years and refined based on feedback from boxers and martial artists until it now comprises a very simple kit that can be attached to any boxing bag in a few seconds, turning it into a sparring partner that punches back in a very realistic fashion. The product can also be transported in the pocket of any typical training bag, and it can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of users at all levels (from child to professional athlete). Being able to adjust the difficulty level not only makes it an important tool for developing combat skills at any stage of an athletic career, but also makes it addictively fun - the more skilled the person becomes, the more difficult the response can be made. It therefore lends itself to serious training activity but also has potential use in the keep fit market and in the children toys market. The kit, the bag and the punches from the user, when taken together, amount to what in mathematical terms is known as a non-linear system. Basically, a non-linear system is a system in which the change of the output or response is not proportional to the change of the input and results in a response from the device being unpredictable and random, making it impossible to predict the trajectories of the hands when training with it and adding to the life-like simulation. It is also estimated that around 51% of the injuries in combat sports come from concussions, most of which are the result of impacts received during sparring. Widespread adoption of the product would significantly impact this number and reduce the threat of serious consequences by allowing the individual to continue working on skills that can normally only be developed during sparring, but under a massively reduced threat of injury and concussion. This will be particularly valuable to children - and their parents - who wish to develop the skills of combat sports, but are not yet allowed to spar. The American Academy of Pediatrics actively encourages young children against boxing because of the risk of injury – this product affords a genuine solution to the question of skill acquisition for these children, without the presence of a real life partner. The developer is seeking to license the product to a manufacturer with a route to market for products relating to boxing /combat training / childrens toys.

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