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[Offer] A Russian developer of integrated security systems and centralized alerts of different levels is loo
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The Russian company from Yaroslavl region specialized in the production of systems for public safety, is looking for partners for distribution of its products in the CIS countries and the EU under the distribution services agreement. A potential partner should already be working in a similar sphere.

The Russian company specializes in developing and production of modern equipment and software for construction of automated complex security systems , real time operations control systems, automated central alarm systems of different levels, is looking partners. The company also provides services in design, installation and launch of real time operations control systems, alarm systems. All equipment produced is unique, has no analogies and is certified in Russia. The company operates since 1997. Provides solutions for a wide range of tasks from monitoring and control service for residential areas and local warning and awareness systems to verbal and technical data recording. The company has developed long-term cooperation with the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia, which proves the high level of software and hardware provided. Its products are widely and successfully used in different units of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Federal security service, in industrial enterprises and economic facilities. The company has managed to use a single technology platform to implement a set of core multiservice network services (voice, data and video) for awareness raising and population warning when developing automated alert system for the Ministry emergency situations. The system provides such functions as alerting, monitoring, navigation of emergency vehicles and other opportunities with the use of multiservice broadband communication network modern technology . As the company wants to extend its activities to an international level, they are searching for a reliable partner in the CIS and the EU, in order to build a long term partnership. Distribution contacts in all potential markets are also of interest. The company is interested in finding business partners from the ICT sphere or building industry to sign distribution services agreement. The potential distributor must have a positive experience of launching new brands, professional staff, an extensive wholesale and/or retail network and ambitious plans for strategic development of new areas. The desired outcome from cooperation – implementation of ready-to use software and hardware systems in the countries of CIS and the EU, as well as in the new markets.

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