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[Offer] Production efficiency software for manufacturing companies
ID:TOEE20150824001 Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Other      Country:Estonia
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The software solution provider is an Estonian based IT service company. Their solution helps manufacturing companies manage and improve production efficiency. It enables automated production tracking and monitoring in real-time and collecting data on important manufacturing indicators. The company is open for technical cooperation in applying the Estonian technology to existing product or service lines. Additionally, the company is looking for value added distributors.

The automatic data collection from production lines enables the user to monitor real-time production data and collect information which can then be used to analyze all aspects of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and other critical indicators (delay types, product cycle times). Additionally, comprehensive reporting enables to identify which production lines are most efficient for certain products or which operators need training in certain areas of their work. Some of the benefits that the system offers: - Reduce production downtime and identify reasons. - Increase production output and quality. - Monitor production in real-time. - Visualize factory floor processes. The solution requires sensors, cables and a PC or tablet. The converter for information processing is provided by the company. The company was founded in 2010. Today its solution is used by manufacturing companies in 15 countries, in over 80 production sites and in 9 different languages.

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