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[Request] Innovative Equipment Needed for Foodstuffs Transformation
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Food and Drink     Country:Italy
Updated:26-12-2011     Overdue:21-09-2014     Clicks:292

A small Italian company operating in the food sector, in particular in the transformation of truffles, mushrooms and vegetables is looking for technologies or machines in order to substitute some of the manual processes of its production cycle. The technology requested should be ready to be tested or fully developed. Moreover the company is available to match entrepreneurs to start up new business for the production of its items and to participate in other business activities in the food sector.

The company is looking for innovative equipment or procedures suitable for:
-the refrigeration of fresh products;
-bottling their products;
-drying up or dehydrating vegetable products.

The cost of these new equipment/procedures should be bearable for an Italian small and medium enterprise. This improvement would increase the quality of the products.

The partner sought should help the Italian company to implement new production process using new technologies/machines that should be provided by the partner.

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