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[Request] Integrated Economical-Financial Software System (ERP)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Software     Country:Romania
Updated:10-02-2012     Overdue:06-11-2014     Clicks:681

A Romanian SME has developed an integrated economical-financial software system (ERP), dedicated to companies specialized in manufacturing and/or commercial activities. The main advantages consist of modern technologies used and its design: integrated modules system, multi languages, access protection, and identical operating client - server or Intranet Internet. Type of partner sought: SME with product activity and/or en-gross, en-detail activities. Task to be performed: Implementation, Training.

Innovative Aspects:
The software developed is an excellent "vehicle" for information, that ease data exchange between company's departments, unifies economics best-practices in one standalone family of software modules. A unique logical database is used, with data only once taken in.
The architecture and technologies of the software offers: Platform independence, Scalability, Modularity.

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