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[Offer] A digital consulting company dedicated to cultural, leisure and tourism industry offers its services
ID:BOFR20160218002 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:France
Updated:31-05-2017     Overdue:19-04-2018     Clicks:246

A French SME is specialised in design and implementation of innovative digital technologies in museum, arts galleries, amusement parks... The company delivers whole technological solutions from the idea to the setting up. The SME offers services agreements to any tourism, leisure and cultural venues willing to modernise through digital tools.

The French consulting company is specialised in the design and the setting up of innovative digital solutions for museums, tourist places, arts galleries, leisure parks…The SME helps to modernise cultural and tourism venues in order to bring a unique and improved experience to visitors. The French SMEs offers a whole package going from the emergence of the idea through brainstorming activities to the setting up of the digital solution on site. The company has got a Research and Development department. For example, following a museum request, the company has developed a revolutionary solution for all visitors to obtain extra information. It enables visitors to enjoy an improved visit without extra fees. Information provided through museum’s panels is often only translated in English. Thanks to this solution, non-English-speaking visitors can obtain a translation in their mother tongue. The solution uses visitors ‘mobiles phones or museum’s equipment. The company intends to develop any technological ideas enabling to improve visitors’ experience. The French SME would like to propose its services at the international level under services agreements.