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[Offer] A South Korean manufacturer of metal USB hubs is looking for partners for distribution service agree
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A South Korean manufacturer has been specialized in USB hubs with various designs and functions and over 10 models since 2006. They are currently looking for collaborative partners for distribution service agreements in Europe.

A South Korean company was founded in 2002 and started its business in manufacturing metal USB hub since 2006. Their products has been exported to one of the top ranked distributors in Europe and this company supplies more than 10 types of wall type metal USB hubs so far. Main product is a USB hub which is attachable to walls and desks. It is made of metal which is durable not only in offices but also in industrial sites. They also offer security products such as a lock for PC(personal computer)s, laptops, USB(universal serial bus), and LAN(local area network) port. Product details are below: -Metal USB hub series: It is compliant with USB version, rigid and wall-mountable metal case which provides USB 7 ports, read SD (secure digital)/MMC (multimedia card)/SDHC (secure digital high capacity), mic, and stereo audio jack. It is supported with most of Windows versions. -USB smart charger series: This features with 4 USB ports with output 5v/ charging two android and two iPhone at the same time while supporting the 5v USB compatible devices such as mobile phone, PDA(personal digital assistants), digital camera, iPhone & iPad. It features with automatic self-power status monitoring and red LED(light emitting diode) indicator device for power on display. -USB port lock: as the first security product which blocks USB ports physically without pulling in electricity or programs, this security tool prevents external invasion and internal document leak. It is applicable to all kinds of network ports and removes the security risks due to opening of vacant ports. -USB hub controller: It is a configurable and efficient USB hub controller that supports connector functionality on the upstream port and on up to 2 of the 4 downstream ports. It features fast charging technology. -PC/laptop lock: It performs 2 functions such as anti-opening of main body panel and anti-theft of PC to protect its internal storage device etc. It uses a system lock with USB port to prevent the theft and movement of notebook The company had received an exporting promising small business certification from government in 2014 and has experienced exports to Germany with their products of USB lock and industrial USB 7port/4 port hub in 2015 and 2016. The company has currently been looking forward to become a major player in European USB hubs market. They want business partners who are actively participated in distribution sector in IT industry and hope to establish a distribution service agreement with European partners.

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