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[Request] Launching mass production of light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Optical Networks and Systems      Country:Ukraine
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A Ukrainian company has developed a LED lighting fitting for applications ranging from streets to spacious premises. Such fittings allow reduction in electricity consumption up to 90%, with a lifespan of up to 15-20 years. The Company is seeking an investment partner for licensing agreement, creating a consortium with the purpose of production and promotion of the product. 

The use of LED light sources allows reduction in electricity consumption up to 90%. Their extraordinary long lifetime (over 50000 hours) makes them very economically efficient. LED light sources are environmentally friendly because they have no dangerous radiation, contain no hazardous to health substances and so require no high-cost recycling. The task of creating a highly efficient LED technology based lighting device was dealt with by the "Innovation & Technology Group" in conjunction with top specialists of the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Ministry's Institute of Innovation Technologies for Energy Sector and Energy-Saving Applications. The result of this collaborative effort was the development of the fundamentally new LED lighting fixture DKU 1-75 (see Figure 1) for street and A/B-class Road lighting applications.

The power supply unit is a single-channel stabilized power supply that provides three LED strips with 0.7A of power with cosf = 0.9 and 92% efficiency. Such power supply enables the fixture to run at 75W and provides minimum reactive power as defined by international standards. It is specifically designed to provide current for operation of CREE power LEDs during at least ten years the lifetime commensurate with the LEDs lifetime, and offers 400V over voltage protection capability.
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