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New parking control system

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Spain Updated:29-05-2017 ID:TOES20150803001

Technology company founded in Spain in 2002, whose primary mission is the highly engineered development for business and industry, is looking for partners to accomplish a long term relationship. The company is made by a team of telecommunications and computer ... [More Info]

Web based suite of programs for patient pre-operative and pr...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:United Kingdom Updated:29-05-2017 ID:TOUK20170523001

Globally healthcare services are facing increasing pressures from growing populations. Hospitals are being placed under unsustainable pressure and nursing staff are unable to adequately meet current demands. There is a growing need to improve efficiency and de... [More Info]

Cell-based therapeutic solution for local treatment with the...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Slovenia Updated:29-05-2017 ID:TOSI20170126001

The institute was established in 1946 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and has nowadays more than 250 researchers. The institute conducts basic and applied research in the fields of biotechnology, environmental protection, chemistry, materials research, and chemical en... [More Info]

Development, qualification and manufacturing of aerospace st...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Germany Updated:29-05-2017 ID:TODE20151207001

The company is a privately owned SME allocated in Northern Germany. They offer a qualified know-how in the field of high performance fibre composites, allowing manufacturing processes from prototypes and samples up to delicate flight hardware. Further on, e... [More Info]

Medical device for non-invasive treatments of chronic neurop...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Italy Updated:29-05-2017 ID:TOIT20170511001

The Italian company is a bioengineering research centre that has developed a non-invasive electro-analgesia therapy based on a new generation of medical device. The device is based on 5 artificial neurons which were developed to non-invasively transmit infor... [More Info]

Unique bio-prototyping facility for research and development...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:United Kingdom Updated:26-05-2017 ID:TOUK20170521001

One of the key factors delaying the introduction of new vaccines and other biomedical products is the time taken to express and produce scalable quantities of the complex proteins, metabolites and other complex natural products required for such development. ... [More Info]

Stereoscopic system for virtual vision

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Spain Updated:26-05-2017 ID:TOES20150803004

The Spanish company has a very long expertise designing and manufacturing virtual reality systems to show virtual illusion of museums or cultural heritage among others. The system has been developed to create low cost, 3-dimensional real experiences for busine... [More Info]

Novel electric drive system with superior performance - high...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Germany Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TODE20170516002

Electric drive systems are being developed since quite some time. In the transport/mobility sector, but also in machine and engine construction for industrial processes it is a major concern to reduce emissions and production costs and simultanously increase t... [More Info]

Solar biomass gasification

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:EU Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOAM20170512002

An Armenian company with profound experience in the field of designing and fabrication of solar systems proposes an ideal solution of producing electric power for regions where there are large quantities of biomass waste resources, farms, nearby forests etc. ... [More Info]

A Turkish researcher offers mechanical thermal camera to lic...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOTR20161031007

MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) thermal camera that is based on mechanica resonance has developed by a Turkish researcher and originated from Turkey. Thermal imaging has been commonly used in agriculture, defense and non-military industries. High pre... [More Info]

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