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A protocol stack for internet of things

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOTR20170404001

In recent years, there is an increased interest toward Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) with the introduction of application areas such as Industrial Internet and Smart Grid. WSNs consist of sensors with wireless capability operating autonomously and reporting ... [More Info]

Israeli SME offers vertically moveable cabinets for houses, ...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Israel Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOIL20170516001

An Israeli start-up company that develops vertically movable cabinets for kitchens, houses and businesses is looking for partners. Small apartments and studios, comprising of only one or two rooms, typically lack sufficient storage space for everyday items. ... [More Info]

Current collector (pantograph) with increased rotation angle...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Poland Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOPL20170428001

Motor vehicles and mass road transportation (of people and goods) have become features of developed societies and global economy. Drawbacks of that popularity are road congestion and air pollution, as most vehicles are powered by fossil fuels. Particulate matt... [More Info]

Surface treatment of polymeric textiles products by low-cost...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:CZECH REPUBLIC Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOCZ20150610001

Czech research group has patented technology which can activate and modify (hydrofobization, hydrofilization, etc.) the surface properties of the textile products by an in-line electric plasma processing. The technology can be used with benefit at atmospheric ... [More Info]

French SME specialises in the maintenance and repair of elec...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:France Updated:25-05-2017 ID:TOFR20170427001

A French SME has developed a strong expertise in the maintenance and the repair of electronic snowmaking products, more specifically of circuit boards which often break down. In the interest of being more effective, cost-efficient and more eco-friendly, the co... [More Info]

Distance measuring equipment analyzer.

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:24-05-2017 ID:TORU20151120001

The Russian engineering company from Chelyabinsk has developed the distance measuring equipment analyzer (DME) - measuring instrument for installing and maintaining pulsed terrestrial navigation services. DME is a system used in civil aviation for navigation a... [More Info]

A Turkish inventor offers an object based segmentation metho...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:24-05-2017 ID:TOTR20161031005

This invention is a way of fast satellite image evaluation. It is related to a method that enables object based segmentation of especially air/satellite photographs that are viewed in high resolution. The aim of the invention is to be able to determine the bo... [More Info]

Croatian electronics company offering robotics teaching aid ...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Croatia Updated:24-05-2017 ID:TOHR20150811003

Teaching aid for robotics, which is developed by the company from Croatia active in electronics field, offers a holistic solution for the beginners who need to learn the basics of robotics. Problem appears when students have to begin practicing and conducting... [More Info]

A small Slovak company is offering an external combustion st...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Slovakia Updated:24-05-2017 ID:TOSK20160511001

The company decided to build up a new relatively simple and reliable external combustion engine with a rotating piston which would be more potential than the engine with linearly oscillating movement of the piston. This engine is a competitor to Stirling engin... [More Info]

Microsource energy for autonomous connected objects: a Frenc...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:France Updated:24-05-2017 ID:TOFR20170517001

The French laboratory is specialized in fundamental research in condensed matter physics, which involve disciplines such as chemistry, engineering and biology. A research team from the laboratory is working on energy recovery and generation at micro-scale. T... [More Info]

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