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A Turkisk company professional in synthetic packaging’s, bi...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOTR20170503002

In 1989,The Turkish company started the activity in order to provide engineering service, since 2012 they also started the activity in packaging sector. The company raw materials that comply with standards are taken into production line. Tape yarn producti... [More Info]

A Hungarian bedding manufacturer is looking for importers, w...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Hungary Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOHU20170411001

The Hungarian company manufactures different bedding products. It is looking for trade intermediary companies and importers to sign distribution agreements. As the company has no direct connections with foreign end-users, they need a distributor or agent partn... [More Info]

Distributors and agents sought by Turkish company for jam, p...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOTR20170518001

The company was established in Adana/Turkey. As a family business, the company is in the agricultural products industry and has experience gained over a period of 130 years. The company produces widely consumed food products; jam, preserve and marmalade under ... [More Info]

Russian molecular biology and medicine company seeks partner...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160530001

The Russian company from Ulyanovsk specializes in noninvasive genetic diagnostics in obstetrics and oncology. The production laboratory of the company was certified in 2012, it is fitted with equipment for manufacturing of kits based on the technology of real-... [More Info]

Polish software development company is looking for outsourci...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Poland Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOPL20170502002

A Polish IT company provides services within the following frames: 1) Custom software development – the company offers customized applications/systems created upon the requirements and specification provided by the client. The company is well-experienced i... [More Info]

Russian manufacturer of embroidered clothing from natural fl...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160201001

The Russian company from Smolensk was established in 1999. It specializes in the production of high quality flax and natural fabric products decorated with creative embroidery (men’s and women’s clothes; folk clothes; table linen; bedding). The texture of te... [More Info]

Porous functional microchips obtained by 3D printing

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Spain Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TOES20170403001

Lab-on-a-chip are systems that integrate several laboratory functions on a single microfluidic device enabling the sequential performance of several processes. Currently, the production of these devices involves several stages giving rise to a complex and expe... [More Info]

A Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing vegan healt...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Bulgaria Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOBG20170427001

Bulgarian small company based in Sofia is specialized in manufacturing of vegan healthy sweet bites and salty sticks made from einkorn. Sweet bites are without sugar, preservative free and do not contain trans fats. The company produces three types of bites –... [More Info]

Russian producer of power inverters seeks distributors in EU...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160407001

The Russian company from the Republic of Mordovia was established in 1996 as a small business enterprise. Since that time the company has been specializing in power inventors production. Nowadays the company has the access to the production and testing laborat... [More Info]

Italian designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles equ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Italy Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOIT20151209001

The Italian SME was founded in 1999 and is located in the Emilia-Romagna region, in the north east of Italy. The company designs and manufactures both standard and special equipment for heavy-duty machines used in the construction, demolition, mining and agric... [More Info]

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