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French company specialised in luxury autonomous self-cleanin...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:France Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOFR20160916001

This French company specialised in luxury and environment friendly autonomous self-cleaning public toilet cabins including disabled access is looking for distributors active in public hygiene field. Since the creation of the company in 1981, the French grou... [More Info]

Manufacturer or supplier of airgun accessories sought

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Netherlands Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BRNL20170215001

The company is an existing Dutch webshop in outdoor accessories. The company is looking for a manufacturer or wholesale company in shooting accessories. More specific: airgun sound suppressors / silencers, optic scopes and shooting targets. Preferred company... [More Info]

Non-harmful optical clearing of biological samples

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Germany Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TODE20160606001

The latest developments in microscopy and imaging techniques (e.g. light-sheet microscopy, two-photon microscopy, optical projection tomography) facilitate the display of large three-dimensional tissue samples. Refractive index matching of the biological samp... [More Info]

Partners sought to implement a multilayer parking building p...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BRRU20160530001

The Russian company from Lipetsk region specializing in civil and industrial objects building performs the full range of construction works, including design, metal constructions production and preparation works. At present, the company is engaged in the devel... [More Info]

Italian distributor of building finishings and construction ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Italy Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BRIT20150928001

Italian company active since 1955 in the retailing and the distribution of building finishes and construction materials is looking for new suppliers. This company has a longstanding network of customers and building sector partner companies, mostly based in Em... [More Info]

A novel marker for brown fat activity.

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Germany Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TODE20160603001

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a special type of fat, which regulates the body temperature by fatty acid oxidation. High BAT activity is involved in leanness, whereas obesity comes along with a reduced activity of BAT. Therefore, the measurement of BAT activity... [More Info]

Russian producer of feed biocomplexes seeks distributors

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160607001

The Russian company from Novosibirsk is active in development and production of feed probiotics, prebiotics, vaccines, veterinary products, and other feed complexes of natural origin. The company was established in 2010. The products are sold to poultry farms,... [More Info]

Russian producer of resistors seeks distributors or a joint ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160118001

The Russian company from Penza was found in 2011. It is created on the base of the plant, which produces resistors for the past 40 years and is a leader in the production of resistors. Today the company has a wide range of products, which includes fixed resist... [More Info]

Novel optical temperature measurement systems for adaptation...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:United Kingdom Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TOUK20160603002

Currently thermocouples, which are dissimilar metal junctions generating small potential differences as temperature varies, are often used for high temperature thermometry . This is a century-old technology, which is ideal for low cost/low hazard installation... [More Info]

South Korean CBT (Cross-border Trade) company seeks European...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Korea, Republic of Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOKR20170411004

The South Korean company newly established in 2016 has started its CBT business mainly focused on consumer goods such as cosmetics, beauty products, and health functional foods. This company is not a simple sales agency but a CBT company collaborating with... [More Info]

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