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Russian molecular biology and medicine company seeks partner...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160530002

The Russian company from Ulyanovsk region leads developments in the field of molecular genetic diagnostics in obstetrics and oncology. The production laboratory of the company was certified in 2012, it is fitted with equipment for manufacturing of kits based ... [More Info]

Russian software developer for taxi sector seeks agents and ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160128001

The company from Izhevsk region is established in 2003 and specializes in production of software for automation of dispatch taxis and taxi companies. The company develops the following software: - an integrated automation system of taxi service. This soluti... [More Info]

Spanish manufacturer of wire mesh cable trays with own paten...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Spain Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOES20160404002

The SME company, located in the north of Spain and created three decades ago, was the first company in Spain to manufacture a wide range of wire mesh cable trays (basket trays) to be used for driving power and data wiring in all kind of buildings, civil and in... [More Info]

Russian manufacturer of hunting clothes and munitions seeks ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Russian Federation Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BORU20160118003

The Russian company from Izhevsk specializes in production of munitions, clothes and hunting, fishing and tourist kits. It was founded in 1992. The company produces the following goods: - covers and cases: weapon cases, coffers, handbags, other cases, optics c... [More Info]

Innovative technology of ensiling animal feeds

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:EU Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TORS20141208001

A small Serbian spin off company from Agriculture faculty has developed innovative technology of ensiling animal feeds with multidisciplinary experts/researchers in the fields: technology and the sublimation of gases, microbiology, technology of ensiling, feed... [More Info]

Swedish company specialising in Croatian gourmet food seeks ...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Sweden Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOSE20170310001

The Swedish company is specialized in high quality, traditional gourmet products from Croatia, and is looking to find distributors in Norway and Denmark. Customers are typically wholesalers and importers of food products that are then sold to supermarket chai... [More Info]

Manufacturer of natural Georgian national sweets,dried fruit...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:EU Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BOGE20170427001

Georgian company was established in 2016. It is a family business based on the special knowledge and experience. This Georgian company produces 15 varieties of dried fruits and 10 varieties of dried vegetables using advanced drying technology. The assortmen... [More Info]

Well-established German producer of liquid nutritional suppl...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Germany Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BODE20160407001

A well-established German company with around 35 years experience in the production of liquid nutritional supplements in the field of health and beauty aids offers calcium & magnesium, royal jelly & omega 3 plus and multivitamin (vitamine B complex) drinks as ... [More Info]

Optimized footwear production using low cost atmospheric pla...

Cooperation Type:Technology Industry Sector:Other Country:Italy Updated:30-05-2017 ID:TOIT20170412001

An Italian researcher with strong international expertise on cold atmospheric plasma is working to find many novel applications in different branches of industry. Cold plasma is generated in ambient air, without need of vacuum chamber, and it could be applied ... [More Info]

Turkish distributor company is looking for suppliers of gras...

Cooperation Type:Commercial Industry Sector:Other Country:Turkey Updated:30-05-2017 ID:BRTR20151104001

The Turkish company was founded in Ankara in 2012. The company cooperates with international companies on procurement and improvement of grassland seeds. The company also authorized by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as mandated seed company. T... [More Info]

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