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[Request] Italian companies interested in developing their activities abroad
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Craft & Design      Country:Italy
Updated:30-01-2012     Overdue:26-10-2014     Clicks:494

Some of our clients would be very interested in developing their activities also in the international market. Please find below their fields of activity and, for each of them, their specific requirements:

-  Restoration of historic buildings and high quality furniture

Our clients would be interested in knowing your national rules regulating their profession;

-  Furniture, interior design and decoration, design and manufacture of glass objects (artistic glass, windows, frames, items of furniture, glass pendants)

-  Handmade jewellery

If you have any clients working in the same field of activity and interested in cooperating with these Italian companies, please send us their profiles so we can disseminate them to our companies.
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