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[Request] Key technologies to develop RFID (radio-frequency identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication)
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The French laboratory has developed competencies and know-how regarding the global RFID system. Inventions have been come out regarding:
-Architecture and antennas design the technological and industrial advantages are:
-Advanced electromagnetic field characteristics as bulk reading and operating in a 3D volume
-Designs for very high data rate and long range transmission
-Improved transmission and localization system
-Specific and deterministic anti-collision protocols
-Very high data rate and dedicated modulation/coding techniques
-8x faster than standard technology
-Current R&D for higher data rate: 13.56 Mbps
-On-going standardization at ISO 14 443

Innovative Aspects:
Very high data rate technique based on phase modulation. 
This technology allows reaching the 13.56 Mbps with a cost effective way.

The modulation and coding technologies are:
- Less sensitive to tag's or reader's movements (phase modulation)
- Enhancing data rate with multilevel coding
- Configured to have a signal compensation for the background electromagnetic noise

The proposed antennas have:
- Advanced electromagnetic field characteristics :
- Bulk reading
- Operating in a 3D volume
- Designs for very high data rate and long range transmission
- Improved transmission and localization system

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