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[Request] A French company specialized in the fabrication of press tools for automotive industry is looking fo
ID:BRFR20170522001 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:France
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French medium-sized company, active as toolmaker in the field of automotive industry, has more than thirty years in studying, manufacturing and trying-out press tools. The company looks for suppliers of pattern cast and foundry in the European countries for a long term partnership with manufacturing agreements. The partner should be able to produce conform items according to the company’s specifications.

Located in Normandy in France, the company is specialized in the study, manufacture and try-out of press tools. The company works principally with the automotive industry like stamping companies, and also has clients in agrofood and home appliance sectors. Its expertise enables the company to work with thick steel. The company is looking for suppliers of pattern cast and foundry in the European Union with manufacturing agreements. The company has actually a strong demand from its clients to manufacture tools but due to the time necessary to produce the foundry, it is difficult for it to respect the requested deadlines from its clients and to accept new orders. That is why it wants to implement a long time partnership with recurring requests. The company has its own design office and workshops where the tools’ elements are machining, manufacturing and trying-out. The company has advanced equipment, like powerful programs and several high speed machining center with large dimensional capacities. The design office will work closely with the supplier to realize the foundry in conformity with the technical specifications.

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