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[Request] Manufacturing of tools and special assembly tools for big companies' production lines
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Industrial Manufacture     Country:Spain
Updated:09-02-2012     Overdue:05-11-2014     Clicks:436

A Spanish company is devoted to the machining and manufacturing special tools. These tools are usually used by different departments (maintenance, manufacture, quality, engineering, etc.) of mid-size to big companies, usually manufacturers of different sectors (automotives, aeronautics, elevators, electrical household appliances ...).

The company's services are grouped in different fields: development and design engineering, machining, grinding, tool manufacturing, special tools manufacturing, and products repairs. The company, with 20 years of experience and a deep know-how in the automotive sector, has developed six important fields of expertise:
- just-in-time production,
- provider grouping (where multiple providers are grouped together for scheduling purposes),
- provider working with material on consignment,
- provider for different factories from the same European group,
- manufacturer of products under open contracts, and
- manufacturer of spare products following its technical drawings.

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