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[Request] Brokers for proteomics services in your area
ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Biosciences and Health     Country:Italy
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I have a client interested in getting in touch with companies that act as a broker for proteomics services for third parties.

The client recently got in touch with an organization that offers such services: some are own services and own technologies, but others are services that the organization offers through third parties (with whom there may be stable agreements or temporary ones). In this case, the organization acts as a broker searching favorable conditions.

Services can be:

- high quality protein extraction from FFPE tissues

- characterization of  proteins extracted from fresh or FFPE tissues (including gel-based /DIGE analysis/GeLC-MS/MS, and gel-free shot gun proteomics)

- comparative proteomics projects

- proteogenomics analysis of microorganism

- protein purification and posttranslational modification analysis

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