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[Offer] Smart and sustainable growing system for potato seed production using hydrophonics (11 NL 60AH 3L7F)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Agriculture      Country:Netherlands
Updated:19-03-2012     Overdue:14-12-2014     Clicks:328

A Dutch company is specialized in development and production of smart and sustainable cropping systems for minitubers. The company has developed an automated system for potato seed production using hydrophonics. This system provides rapid and pathogen free propagation of minitubers. 

The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance with seed potato growers, potato breeders and agricultural institutes.

Innovative Aspects:
-High number of tubers per plant (average of 40-60 tubers per plant);
-Several crops per crop year;
-Lower risk of infection, because the closed system of the greenhouse;
-Rapid increase in one year can be saved field propagation;
-Low cost per mini-tuber;
-No drugs or leaching of fertilizers into groundwater, significant reduction in use of resources and fertilizers;
-Vital plants by optimal growing conditions;
-Virus-free tubers with excellent storage properties and good field emergence in second year:
-Small crop area required (160 to 250 M2)
-Expert guidance and advice during the first crop (s)
-High degree of automation with Remote Control On-Line Services

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