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[Request] Steel production cost savings and environmental protection thanks to a new technology of steel produ
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Energy     Country:Poland
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Polish micro company developed a special polycarbonate additive which, when used with coke during steel production in blast furnaces, allows to lower coke's usage up to 60% while preserving the quality and the quantity of the obtained steel. Technology is directed to ironworks. The company seeks industrial partners interested in saving money and protecting the environment during the manufacturing of steel.

The Polish micro company offered technology ensures a thermal stability of work so that the blast furnace is achieving excellent use of fuel. Polycarbonate additive prevents the appearance of adverse endothermic reactions and promotes exothermic reactions. Eliminating of endothermic reactions helps minimize the necessary amount of coke during the steel production. Used polycarbonate in any way does not affect the quality of the received steel. According to the results of the laboratory tests using polycarbonate additive during steel melting, it is possible to achieve unusual savings of amount of used coke up to 60%.

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