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[Request] Novel Heat Insulation, Heat Shields and Sound Insulation Material/Technology
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Materials     Country:United States
Updated:16-02-2012     Overdue:12-11-2014     Clicks:362

A large US company is looking for advanced or novel materials and technologies for heat shields, heat insulation, and sound insulation in order to develop next generation products.
They are interested in joint development contracts, advisory contracts, technology licensing contracts, etc.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
Anticipated Base Materials
-Resins, Elastomers.

Overview of the Desired Technology
Has advanced properties or is a novel material or technology for dispersion, synthesis, etc.
At the present time, can provide superior performance in either heat shielding, heat insulation, or sound insulation ability compared with existing competing technologies
It is preferable that it also has transparency
A technology that implements heat shielding, heat insulation, or sound insulation by a novel concept not found in existing competing technologies.

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