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[Request] Prefab modular wastewater treatment system. (11 NL 60FI 3NFG)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Renewables     Country:Netherlands
Updated:14-12-2011     Overdue:09-09-2014     Clicks:1078

A Dutch SME active in the drinking water and wastewater treatment industry has developed a simple durable turnkey prefab water treatment system. The system consists of various corrugated steel tanks where all the different stages of treatment take place. The system is prefab, modular and doesn't contain concrete. The company is offering a joint venture or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Innovative Aspects:
Modular design:" Low investment costs" Biological (conventional/DAF) and MBR" Clear design" Low maintenance and operations cost" Easy up scaling and upgrading" Fast construction of only 4-5 weeks" Capacities from 250 to 2500 m3 per day" Closed system possible to prevent bad odours" Automation and external monitoring possible

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