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[Request] Korean value added distributor seeks a supplier of (radar) sensors or semiconductor parts that can d
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A Korean tech-oriented company in the field of safety management of electrical facilities would like to find a supplier that could provide sensors or semiconductor parts. As a value-added reseller, the company expects to introduce the products developed by European companies to the Korean market including big companies such as Samsung, LG or Hyundai Motors. The sensor or parts should be used to detect objects or vital signs. Commercial agency or distribution service agreement is preferable.

A Korean company initiated its business with European company a few years ago. The start-up company (the European company), developed their own ultra-wideband radar sensor in the form of SoC (System on Chip) for the first time in the world. However, there was a hurdle that this Norwegian company could not overcome. Due to the high level of technological difficulty, using the product itself was a challenging work and commercialization of the product was not easily achieved as well. To resolve this problem, under the VAR (Value Added Reseller) contract, this Korean company started to play an important role as a VAR. Since then, it has been widely sold in Korea and it became a good example of commercialization of European product in South Korea. The members of the company have solid understanding of technologies related to semiconductors and electric & electronic parts. That enables them to carry out professional and active sales promotion activities regarding the products that have conceptually difficult compositions. Most of the members in the laboratory have past working experience in Samsung Electronics, which makes it easier for them to contact large companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, or Hyundai Motors. Additionally, the company has experience working with two European companies, which helps them have high level of understanding about the cultural characteristics of Europe itself as well as the European products. For this reason, the company would like to act as a value-added reseller for European suppliers that could provide sensors or semiconductor parts. Main role of the Korean company would be introducing the products obtained from European companies to a Korean market. As a result, the partner company from Europe will be able to easily and successfully enter the Korean market. The company is especially interested in the sensors of the parts that are used to detect objects or vital signs. All the activities mentioned above will be possibly carried out under the commercial agency or distribution service agreement between a Korean and a European company.

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