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[Offer] French air and surface treatment company is looking for distributors.
ID:BOFR20170414001 Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Other      Country:France
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French company, specialised in automated air and surface treatment, is looking for distributors in the UK, Germany, Italy, Poland and Tunisia. The atomisation process used is at the forefront of cleaning technologies. Agrofood, transport and medical sectors the are targeted application fields. The distributor must either be a chemical manufacturer, a medical supply distributor or a cleaning firm. A distribution services agreement is sought.

French firm with more than 18 years of experience in textile treatment based on an American process has developed a high performance atomization process. It proposes Distribution Services agreement for their automated air and surface treatment products. This equipment is dedicated to main sectors such as agrofood, transport and medical. The atomisation process is the transformation of a liquid into a dry haze. Their products enable the treatment of unreachable areas by conventional processes (such as foam use). Depending of the purpose, the process guarantees the destruction of odours, a real disinfection, the eradication of insects, or essential oils / perfume air diffusing. This easy to use solution is also economic because it allows to quantify the products spread in the air. Furthermore the machine is automated and works alone. So no need to be present. The product is ready for sale since 2 years and the company got many export demands. So it considers today strategic to develop the foreign markets, hence looking for distributors such as chemical manufacturers, medical supply distributors, cleaning firms. The partner would basically promote the brand all over its region. He might not necessarily be a professional importer but he should be able to deal with all logistic, stocks and financial aspects of this new product range. He has to be interested in completing its current services in agro-food (poultry farm, food processing units), transport (bus, train, cruise ship, plane, leasing) and medical sector (veterinary office, nursing home). The company will give all the necessary information for the promotion of the atomiser (price list, marketing and technical documentation, sales support). A distribution services agreement is sought.

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