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ID: Cooperation Type:Commercial     Industry Sector: Internet and Wireless Technologies (Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth)      Country:Israel
Updated:29-01-2012     Overdue:25-10-2014     Clicks:334

An Israeli company specialized in the field of Fiber-Optic Networking is providing Carrier Access Solutions. The company is looking for integrators, business cooperation, trade intermediaries, and subcontracting activities.

The optimal partner will have the following parameters

-  Active in the field of data communications and or telecommunications

-  Systems sales and support (as opposed to a box mover, s/w only etc) At least 3 years in business with proven business records

-  Has a position (and proven record) in one or more of the following market segments; carriers, Service Providers, MSOs, utilities, cellular infrastructure

-  Size: ideally staff between 10 to 100  

-  Reasonable coverage in a country (offices, resellers) or a state in a large country or alternatively- very strong position with a certain strategic account.

-  Not less than 3 support engineers, at least 2 of them with strong  networking background (CCNA, Cisco etc)  

-  At 2 of the staff capable of fluent written and verbal correspondence in English

-  Experience in direct work with overseas vendors

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