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[Request] Research cooperation for self-generating nautical electric watercraft - zero carbon footprint (11 IT
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Craft & Design      Country:Italy
Updated:23-03-2012     Overdue:18-12-2014     Clicks:226

The company is interesting in building up a zero footprint boat. The solution is an innovative design and a new concept of boat that will produce all the energy it needs. This new concept will introduce new perspective about motor, sails, use, comfort onboard The Company is looking for partners in the field of electricity storage, especially batteries and batteries arrays. Each batteries' array will store enough power to generate 20HP for more than 12 hours. They will be low-maintenance, long life, suitable for marine environment.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
The company is looking for lithium or similar batteries and advanced energy transmission systems. These batteries must be recharged by onboard advanced turbines which will harvest all the energy of sun, air, water. It will be necessary to balance the weight of batteries, the motors, the voltage of the batteries, the voltage of the wind, hydropower, and photovoltaic systems. There will be a storage system of high voltage which will recharge the lower voltage arrays connected directly to motors. The company is looking for a partner who will also be able to design the whole innovative energy system and to provide tailor-made solutions. Voltage 12V-300V.

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