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[Offer] Virtual anatomy solution for 4D modeling of the human body (11 HU 5010 3NEO)
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Information Processing & Systems      Country:Hungary
Updated:13-12-2011     Overdue:08-09-2014     Clicks:1064

A Hungarian SME has developed an interactive virtual anatomy technology for 4D modelling of the human body. Main technology advantage: a multi-dimensional display device which operates based on real photographs. It is ideal for studying and practising difficult operation skills. Technology is highly suitable for hospitals, clinics and medical schools. The company is seeking for a service partner for content extension and specialised technical development.

Innovative Aspects:
The solution is based on actual photos, not drawings or animations. The world's first interactive atlas of the human body allows users to explore a multi-dimensional dissection environment.
"operates on the basis of actual photos" ideal for practicing complex operations" high resolution images" highly accurate" cost-effective operation" better quality than earlier solutions" makes medical activities easier
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