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[Request] Early Warning Systems For Extreme Public Hazards
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Security     Country:Israel
Updated:17-02-2012     Overdue:13-11-2014     Clicks:327

An Israeli R&D company has expertise in development of population warning systems based upon sirens to warn the general public of impending military dangers in specific geographical areas. The company is seeking a partner in the field of electronic media technology and industrial R&D in order to create population warning systems for the general public in specific geographical areas relating to natural disasters, extreme hazards and pollution threats.

The Israeli company seeks a partner to amplify their military early warning systems into population early warning systems tailored to specific geographic areas, to warn of natural disasters, extreme hazards, and pollution threats.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements:
Mass media broadcast technology for radio / television / mobile phones / line phones. Broadcast audio and visual technology for population centers and main thoroughfares.

Requested Cooperation: Joint further development, Joint Venture Agreement
Type of partner sought: Industrial R&D Company

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