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[Offer] Thermal measurement technology
ID: Cooperation Type:Technology     Industry Sector: Energy     Country:Netherlands
Updated:15-02-2012     Overdue:11-11-2014     Clicks:303

A Dutch SME offers measurement expertise for thermal quantities, e.g. heat flux, solar radiation, calorimetry and thermal conductivity. Application can be found in different areas like building automation, power generation, solar renewable energy resource assessment and scientific research. The company seeks application of its technologies in various fields and is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperation aiming at developing new applications. 

Innovative Aspects:
- manufacturing technologies that enable heat flux sensors working at extremely high temperatures, involving laser welding;
- manufacturing technologies for making high density heat flux sensors, involving etching;
- novel manufacturing techniques for encapsulating and integrating heat flux sensors into existing systems, like furnaces and boilers

Advantages include:
- capability to work at higher temperatures, better applicability in industrial processes
- capability to measure low heat flux levels or attain fast response times
- capability to achieve better shielding against external EMF, chemical conditions, enabling to work in explosive, high electrical noise and chemically aggressive applications.

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