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InterMet Technology Chengdu Co. Ltd.
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InterMet Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2007. It was created by the excellent international expertsscholars ,doctors, and the management elites who have much experience of listed companies’ creation and operation. The company has materials and membranes’ preparation technology, separation technology and improved processes. So the company offers full-service for customers to achieve cleaner production and low carbon production. It is the only high-tech enterprise in the world developing Al Intermetallics asymmetric membrane filter material and its application.

The company has 69 invention patents for this important material and its application. We have built a partnership of investment with Central South University for the devotion to industrializing the achievements in new materials such as “Al inter-metallic compounds”, which is aided by the “National 863 Plan”, “National 973 Plan”, and “the State Natural Science Fund”.

The Company has the certificates of “Sichuan Innovation-oriented Enterprises” and “Excellent Entrepreneurial Company in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone”. We past ISO 9001:2008 quality management system authentication. The projects of porous Al intermetallic compound filtration materials and its application that we developed have been supported by the Nation Innovation Funds in 2007 and 2009, also have been supported by “Major National Scientific and Technical Achievements Transformation of the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Finance”.

The porous TiAl, FeAl and NiAl intermetallic compound filtration materials and membranes that we developed show excellent acid, alkali and salt corrosion resistance, outstanding  high temperature oxidation resistivity and organic solvent resistivity, good sealability and machinability. Specifically we have SO2-containing gas cleanup technology by our FeAl material and membrane. In such regard, they can be applied to many fields such as high temperature corrosive fluid or gas filtration, blast furnace and converter gas recovery and utilization(TRT, et al.), coal conversion (IGCC, synthetic ammonia, methanol), chloride production(TiCl4, et al.), environmental protection (furnace gas recovery, acid-making, et al.). Specifically, it is superior to the traditional filter material of high temperature or dense corrosion. This makes it promising in the environmental protection industry.