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Chengdu Ruixin Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
Sector: Drug Discovery and Drug Development      Country:Bangladesh
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Chengdu Ruixin Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, located in Jin Jiang industrial region,chengdu, is one of the Stock Company Limited mainly engaged in new drug development, medical investment consulting and import-export trade, etc.
Chengdu Ruixin Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, Company's existing core competencies are: drug registration, price reporting, customs declaration, for import of drugs in terms of our advantages is irreplaceable. At home our pragmatic agency marketing channel with high efficiency and stable partnership based on mutual trust provide guarantee for our demestic sales. Now our core business is the agency for well-known brands antibiotic injection abroad and related business is to import market competitive Specialist drugs and antitumor drugs.
Main company business and market share
Axetine—cefuroxime sodium for injection and Medocef—cefoperazone sodium for injection, having four specifications and produced by MEDOCHEMIE LTD in Europe are our main agent products. Since our company has built a long-term business relationship with MEDOCHEMIE LTD, we are their agent for other drugs. According to the result of a conservative market survey, our two items, Axetine and Medocef, have acquired about 70% market share in the same kind of imported products.
Our superiority
1).We have practical experiences about cooperate with foreign pharmaceutical company, we could be better in accordance with China's national conditions of your company's long-term market varieties and commercial planning of the operation.
2).The company's industry background, company's existing staff of the main decision-making government work with the background, there is the handling of government business channels and capabilities.
3).We have irreplaceable superiority in drug registration and prices reporting, customs declaration.
4).Comprehensive network of domestic customers and academic support team for new drugs to build a channel.
5). Existing radioactive resources: State Food and Drug Administration, National Development and Reform Commission, Customs.