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Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holdings Ltd.
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Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holdings Ltd. was founded in 2005, the registered capital is RMB 50 million. HQHP is an ISO 9001 company, world leading LNG, CNG and L-CNG equipments clean fuel refueling solution and integrative information system(SCADA, CNG station fuel management system and Cylinder RFID system) provider, national high-tech enterprise, the only company which obtains ATEX, CE certificate in China, certificate No. is Nemko 09 ATEX 4305Q (Nemko 10ATEX1002).

HQHP has a professional management team with years international and demotic industrial experience, having more than 120 professional R&D researchers, engineers and technicians. The safety & long-distance monitor system of CNG station and the PLC control system of LNG pump skid station were recorded in National 863 Program. HQHP applied patents, explosion-proof certificates and software copyrights from government are 10, 10 and 15. HQHP technology center wins the honor as provincial center in Sichuan province.

In the year of 2010, according to the data from Emerson USA, HQHP dispensers take 24% market share, the world's top sales.

In early 2000, Houpu Company fully independently designed and developed core technology of dispenser control unit; later after, developed and built Smart CNG Dispenser; Touchable-Screen Control CNG Dispenser; SCADA system, RFID system, CNG station networking system and bank POS system (all with national patents and enterprise IP).

In the year of 2007, HQHP Company fully independently designed and developed touchable screen control CNG dispenser, which is first and only product in China.

HQHP has widely cooperated with international CNG industrial partners, to ensure our quality meet most strictly industrial standard.

With our technology innovation , we are the No.1 CNG dispenser manufacturer in the world, our worldwide customers are in Pakistan, Iran, Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, etc. HQHP has recognized as a quality brand in the industry.