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Chengdu Xinji Bioactive Collagen Development Co., LTD
Sector: Drug Discovery and Drug Development      Country:Bangladesh
Date:09-Apr-2012     End Date:18-Dec-2014     Hits:323
Chengdu Xinji Bioactive Collagen Development Co., LTD is a hi-tech biotechnology company set up in September 2005, which has always been devoting itself to developing and producing Low-antigenic Bioactive Collagen (typeⅠ) from fresh animal leather,such as bovine leather, pig leather, donkey leather.
Our R&D group is formed by plenty of excellent technicians, including Doctors, Masters, Engineers and Bachelors. Our program was technically supported by Sichuan University of China, and the core technology of our company has obtained the Chinese Inventing Patent (Patent No.: ZL200410040487.2). Under the state-of-the-art patent technology(to develop the natural collagen which is water- soluble and not denatured), innovative equipment (utility model patent No.: ZL 200920304729.2), process, evaluation methods, etc, the product Low-antigenic Bioactive Collagen (typeⅠ) is a white filamentous material, opaque, non-branched-chain (no terminal peptide), and has four notable features: bioactivity, low antigenicity, histocompatibility, water-solubility. Its physicochemical specifications, microbiological specifications and biological performance achieved enterprise standards and some indicators are better than national standards, so we can use Low-antigenic Bioactive Collagen (typeⅠ) to develop collagen hemostatic sponge, dressings for burn repair, health food, and so on.
On Nov. 11th, 2009, our project——the preparation technique of Low-antigenic Bioactive Collagen (typeⅠ) was passed the appraisement of Sichuan Science and Technology Department. Every member in the appraisal council appraises the project like this: it is an innovative, advanced and feasible technique, leading with a good economic and social benefits.